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Betting On Horse Races at the Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes: $20.00

The Belmont Stakes is the last race in the US Triple Crown and it is held after the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The race is held in June every year at the Belmont Park race track in New York. Enthusiasts who enjoy betting on horse race winners would be happy to know that this year the race will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Thoroughbred colts, geldings, and fillies are welcome to take part in this 1.5 mile race, the longest thoroughbred race in the world. It is also one of the most popular races in North America and is a favorite with those who like betting on horse race winners.

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The History of Betting on Horse Race Winners at the Belmont Stakes

Betting on Horse Races: Belmont Stakes PicksThe Belmont Stakes is a make or break race and therefore very famous for those who enjoy betting on horse race winners. If a horse manages to win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, it still has to win the Belmont to claim the US Triple Crown. Of the twenty six horses that have come into the Belmont eligible to win the Triple Crown, only eleven could go on to win the Belmont Stakes.

People who are familiar with betting on horse race winners know the Belmont Stakes as the most demanding of all the Triple Crown races. Horses with wins in the other two Triple Crown races come into the Belmont with immense pressure to win it. In fact, not one horse has managed to win the Triple Crown since 1978, even though many have come tantalizingly close. For handicappers and racing aficionados who are used to betting on horse races, the Belmont Stakes can be nail biting.

More About Betting on Horse Race Winners at the Belmont Stakes

For those who enjoy betting on horse race winners, here's a little background on the Belmont Stakes. The Belmont Stakes is named after August Belmont, a rich banker, society man and racing aficionado of the 19th century who lived in New York. He was also the Jockey Club's first president when it was established in 1867.

The Belmont Stakes is the oldest of the Triple Crown races. It carries a purse of $1 million. If a horse claims the Triple Crown by winning the Belmont, it wins an additional $1 million. So for those serious about betting on horse race winners in the United States, the Belmont Stakes is a no-miss event.

Other Belmont Stakes Facts:

  • The 2012 Belmont Stakes was won by Union Rags. The horse crossed the finish line in a time of 2.30.
  • Until 1921, the Belmont Stakes was run in the clockwise direction. When Grey Lag won the 1921 Belmont, it was the first time the Belmont was run in the counter-clock wise direction. It is the standard at all American races now.
  • One of the greatest of all thoroughbred horses Man o' War won the 1920 Belmont Stakes. Man o' War was owned by August Belmont Jr, the son of the August Belmont.
  • When Julie Krone won the Belmont Stakes in 1993 riding Colonial Affair, she became the first female jockey ever to win a race which is part of the Triple Crown.
  • Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont Stakes leaving its nearest competitor 31 lengths behind, a record that is yet unsurpassed in the history of the mile and the half race.
  • The Belmont Stake is also referred to as the “Run for the Carnations” or “the Test of Champions”.

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