Horse Racing Picks

We are often asked the advantages of using a horse racing pick service. Some very seasoned horse players scoff at the idea of using anyone else’s options other than their own. Todays modern horse player normally wagers more often on simulcast than at local tracks and you simply cannot know all the variables at distant race tracks. Today more than ever using a quality horse racing picks service is more profitable than ever. “Quality” how ever is not always that easy to find when buying horse racing picks. We as a people normally associate quality with price.The more it “cost” the better it must be. Why else would they charge more for it unless it was some how “worth more”?

Why Choose Us for Horse Racing Picks

We at The Whitley Group are the only horse racing pick service on the web that has actually verifiable winning creditionals. We purchase the same tickets that we provide to our coustomers. Copies of our tickets, the winners and the losers,are posted on the web site for all to see. The tournament wins and the amounts along with the dates are all public information. We do not win every race we wager on…..but we are working on it! Anyone that selects any of our horse racing picks packages will receive the list of the wagers we are considering making today. Changing track conditions,races taken “off”the turf or late scratches,or unacceptable odds will keep us from making the wagers. Try to become disciplined enough to pass a race when “changes” come up after our horse racing picks have been posted. The ability to pass a race is the true mark of a professional.

Horse racing picks have been available as long as there has been horse racing. Most casual race goers should purchase a “tip sheet” available at their local track or perhaps refer to the sport section in a local newspaper, most have a local sport person that gives his or hers horse racing picks for the days horse racing at the local track. Forced to pick a winner,exacta, and trifecta for each race on the card,the local experts can not possibly show a profit for the evening. Honestly forced to pick the winning horse in every race is not something any of us could do. Still the casual race goer would be money ahead to purchase a tip sheet for their horse racing picks for a couple of dollars than to try to go it on their own. They would probable lose less.

We at The Whitley Group provide our horse racing picks to wide range of customers. Many of our clients are very experienced horse players that recognize the value of the service we offer, and most are long term customers. Any horse race pick service that offers more than a very select number of selections per day is simply not going to show a long term profit. We can’t do it and you can’t either. The daily horse racing picks available to our customers are the results of hours of hard work from our entire staff. It is admittedly a labor of love and none of us could imagine doing anything else. To be successful at horse race wagering you simply must know something the others at the track do not know.

A Unique Advantage

We at the Whitley Group strive to provide our customers with information not found in the past performances. Mr. Whitley has been a professional handicapper for many years and advises several large wagering groups. All profits if any, derived from the sale of on-line horse racing picks go to the Whitley Girls and the daily expenses of operating a professional horse racing picks service. All 3 of the girls provide valuable information Mr. Whitley personally uses in his horse racing picks analysis.

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