Online Horse Wagering

The Pros and Cons of Online Horse Wagering

I am often asked if we at The Whitley Group use an online horse wagering service and which ones we recommend. The correct answer is yes, we do place some wagers through several online horse wager services. I recommend to our clients that wager on line to take advantage of current promotions being offered. Some on line wagering services have offers that match new customer deposits up to $250.00. The theory is of course that when you do become a customer you will lose you money and the matching deposit!


Convenience and promotions are the only two reasons to consider using an on line wagering service. Convenience has its pit falls and I will cover a few of the most common. Today’s world of simulcast is a land mine for the horseplayers bank roll. Those of you that that are track bias fans, or Beyer speed figure followers our even the trainer patters published so boldly these days, will probably go through your matching deposit quickly if you try to wagering at distant race tracks using the same information everyone at the track has.


Most online horse wagering or account wagering horseplayers simply make too many wagers. They often jump from race track to race track influenced by television “talent” that give their options on several races going off in the next few minutes using the same “past performances” you have. Remember these are employees of the wagering service and are required to give “expert ” options on all races scheduled during their shift. They simply do not show a flat bet profit and honestly I couldn’t either. To show a profit at horse racing, on line or at the track use simply must know something about the horse you intend to wager on the others at the track, or wagering thru on line horse wagering accounts do not know.

What Makes Us the Horse Racing Experts

We use in formation not found in the “past performances”. The focus at The Whitley Group is based on a two-part approach. The first is to consider the race horse as a living, breathing animal that like all animals, humans included, are influenced by many outside forces that include things like barometric pressure, moon phases, and hormone changes. The second and vitally important aspect of our handicapping process includes examining the morning line favorite and second or third betting choice. You simply can’t make money betting short priced horses. When we have non-published information on a horse and reason to believe the favorite will not run as expected do we consider a wager on line or at the track. Often times your handicapping may have been excellent and your 8-1 pick runs a great race but ultimately is beaten by a solid favorite. Never bet on the favorite and never bet against a solid favorite.


The really great news about online horse wagering is that selective, dedicated horse players are literally at the mercy of the on line account wagering services. Pro players can pick and choose those very select opportunities that we horse players wait for to arise. The horse racing online service is required by law to offer the same betting menu and to pay the same payouts the track does. Professionals wait patiently for the public to load up on a false favorite or the rain to begin to fall on a turf course. It happens every day and winning thru online horse wagering racing profits can explode and there is nothing the online wagering service can do to change that!

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