Horse Race Betting

Horse Race Betting 2013

As the 2012 horse racing season comes to a close it is important to recognize beginning January 1st. The profile of the winning horse once again changes. The January thru March winning profile is very much different than the October thru December winners we have just gotten familiar with in our horse race betting. Conditioned claiming races,age restricted,and possibly the most eagerly anticipated maiden races offer the professional horseplayer a huge edge in their horse race betting.

Horse Race Betting Maidens January, March and April

The profile of the winner of maiden races makes it’s most drastic change as we begin the new year. Early speed is the key to maiden horse race betting January thru April. Most of us are very aware of the importance of early speed in American horse racing. No where is the ability to grab an early lead more important than in early season maiden races. Several aspects of early speed in your maiden horse race betting deserve careful consideration.First understand that horses are herd animals and most prefer to run with the herd and are reluctant to over take and pass others in the herd. You can watch the parade of maidens down the stretch and see very little change in position past the 1/4 pole. The earlier parts of the race are often used by these young horses to establish a mental pecking order in the “herd” and most are reluctant to change position by passing another horse once this order of ability has been established. No amount of urging or use of the riders crop can convince most at this point to leave the herd and pull off.

Using Early Speed in Horse Race Betting

Late season maidens winners at most tracks do win off the pace.The early speed maidens with any ability at all have graduated from the maiden ranks and the off the pace maiden wins more by default than running style ability. What is important to the handicapper in his horse race betting is the drastic change from the late running maiden winners of October, November,and December to the front running profile of the early season maidens winners. Most of your competition at the track will have late season track profiles and are still looking for the “pressers” or closer in a hotly contested pace match up and watch in horror as the early season maidens behave nothing like the maidens of the fall. Horse race betting in maiden races the first three months of the year is one the most anticipated events at the Whitley Group.

Rain and Horse Race Betting

Early season racing also includes the rain that comes with the arrival of spring in many areas of the U.S. Many race tracks begin their racing season in March or April and the spring rains and thunder storms are part of the program.We have been told for generations the dirt tracks in the U. S. are biased to the front runners on “off” or “sloppy” tracks. Maiden horse race betting on “off” tracks benefits from the previously discussed preferred  early speed running style profile and is now even further enhanced as any maiden not on or very close to the lead on an off track will not move up into the mud and water being kicked up by the horses in front of them. The profile of the early season maiden race winner begins to make subtle changes during the summer months and we will discuss these at a later time.Concentrate your early season maiden horse race betting on the anticipated early pace leaders regardless of the surface or distance of today’s race.

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