Horse Betting Opportunities for Today’s Horse Player

Horse Betting Value

Today anyone wishing to gamble their money has a wide menu of gambling options. Casinos are here to stay. Sport betting ,football betting specifically, has an untold number of participants. Horse betting remains the choice of professional gamblers. Casinos are required by law to make customers aware of the edge the casino has in all the games they offer. Football bettors are faced with even money payoffs if they win, 5% vigor when they lose,and point spreads that make the football gambler a long term loser. Horse betting is para mutual which means “among us”. The race track has no interest in how much you win or lose. The casino does. The race track takes their money from the top of all betting pools and is interested only in the total amount wagered.

Horse Betting Opportunities

Today more than any at other time does the professional horse player have the tools necessary to make profits investing in horse betting. The casinos/racetracks are the latest additions to the pro horseplayers success with his horse betting. Most “raceinos” as they are affectionately called, are built on the existing grounds of horse tracks. They have become very popular for several reasons. First casinos do not allow minors. Racetracks do. I think the idea is that one parent can stay with the kids and bet on the horse races while the other goes to the attached casino. With no babysitter to pay that’s more money for mom to put in the slot machines. The other parent staying with the children can lose their money betting on the horses using favorite numbers or favorite colors or which horse looks the prettiest. Betting a game they no absolutely nothing about. Now that’s family fun! Remember to win at horse betting, you need to only be better at horse betting than the others at the track. I think you can do it.

Horse Betting Today

Today all horseplayers should embrace this time of simulcast horse racing, racinos, and on-line account wagering services. Never before has the professional had the opportunities that we have today. Horse racing in the U.S. and many other parts of the world,is alive and well. The modern horse player must continue to change his horse betting as the industry changes. This is no different than other business. Successful business people, regardless of the business they are in must constantly change to take advantage of new opportunities.  Horse betting today is nothing like what your grandfather taught you. To win at horse betting today you must know something the others at the track do not know. You should know for instance the casino influenced race track crowds are at their peak on weekends. Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The best races to bet will be the middle to later parts of the race card. Any earlier they are at the slot machines in the casinos and by the last few races most have lost their money and gone home.

Horse Betting and the Professional

Most of the negatives we hear today about horse betting are from losing horseplayers. They often complain of “short “fields. I guess they have gotten so good at picking winners in 6 horse fields they need more challenge at prefer 12 horses? 4-1 is the same if 6 horses are running or 12. The other often heard complaint is the number of races carded for most racing days. The professionals I know seldom make more than 5 or 6 wagers per day and with the opportunities of simulcast,there is never a day without 6-10 excellent horse bets. The demise of many horse players and other sport bettors is they make too many wagers.The demise of the casino patron is walking in the place.

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