Horse Betting: Do Trainers and Jockeys Make Bets?

Most horseplayers can be easily categorized as to handicapping types. They often refer to themselves as class, speed, trainer/jockey, or angle players etc. Most gravitate between several different systems. I suspect they have met with some limited success with what ever system they are pursuing. Most that we talk with believe they are very close to figuring out a magic system of picking winners in their horse betting. We know of no such magic system. Most seasoned horseplayers have settled into more traditional handicapping methods.Most often their system is a blending of several of their personal favorite ways of picking winners. Most continue to lose, often blaming the jockey or trainer when their perfectly handicapped horse finishes 5th, beaten 8 lengths.


To win consistently in horse betting you must think in ways the others at the track do not. No one can handicap a race in the 20 minutes between races. The preparation time to accurately handicap a horse race must begin long before the actual race day. We employ a full time staff of four and pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients 10-12 races a day from as many as 20 racetracks we are currently monitoring. Speed figures, trainer stats, track or post bias followers do not win on a consistent bases. No combination of numbers or angles will lead you to consistent winners in horse betting. You must out think your competition. We suggest you spend several days at your local track and get to know your competition. Your competition is the other people at the track. Do not make any bets just observe and listen. Learn to go to the track and not make a wager. If you master the art of passing races you are well on your way to becoming a consistent winner when horse betting. The others at the track or OTB cannot do it. They bet too many races.

Horse Betting and CORRUPTION

We are often asked if horse races are fixed. I will tell you what I know about it. The vast majority of horse races are run without any form of corruption. Most times rumors of over medication or jockey influenced results are weeks or months old and are not of any value to the horseplayer. Interesting yes, profitable no! The exception is a horse not asked to run or allowed to run. Most trainers do bet on horses. Most jockeys do bet on horses. They don’t make very many bets and they only bet when they know something the others at the track do not know. I hope by now this is starting to sound familiar. The back stretch whispers you have heard about are usually the trainers efforts to down play,as much as possible, his enthusiasm for a particular horse. Trainers know there are many variable that effect a horses performance on any given day. Backstretch rumors are rumors. Trainers or jockeys horse betting wagers do not always or even often win. When they do win they win at big odds. I don’t know any trainer or jockey that handicaps horse races to place a bet. We at the Whitley Group do not “handicap” horse races. We use information not found in the past performances. You cannot win if you use the same information every one at the track uses. The information found in past performances, the magical numerical formula does not exist. Remember that if the next race winner were hidden some where in all those numbers Bill Gates would include it on his next “windows” release and our great game of horse betting would be no more.

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