Horse Race Bets

Happy New Year from the Whitley Girls! We are often asked what type of bets we recommend our clients make. We focus mainly on win, exacta and trifecta wagers when placing horse race bets. The temptation of pick three, four, and pick six wagers are something we try to discourage our clients from making. The Whitley Group wagers are based on inside information or our own information we have collected. Simply put, if we don’t know anything that is not found in the past performances we do no wager on the race. The “guaranteed” pools of many pick four and pick six pools are the currant rage at many large race tracks. Lottery mentality or a major financial score is the motivator.

Placing Win Wagers in Horse Race Bets

Betting a horse to win has many advantages. The odds to win are the deciding factor in all our win wagers. We recommend “dutch” wagering when placing horse race bets. Dutch wagering is the wagering of two or more horses to win in the same race. Our clients are provided two horses to consider in the race we are recommending making a horse race bet. These horses will always have two traits. First we know something about the horse that the betting public doesn’t and both horses must have odds of at least 8-1 or more with two minutes till post. We have never had four, let alone six of these races in a row!

Placing Exacta wagers in Horse Race Bets

Exacta horse race bets are very popular at most race tracks. The exacta pools often rival the win pools at some race tracks. Exacta wagers we recommend are based on the following. We maintain extensive track profiles of the second place runners at all major and mid size tracks. Horses being used in the bottom of exactas are the horses that fit the currant profile of the race track. Primarily pace focused, the likely second place finisher profile changes drastically with distance,surface,and class. The profile of the horse most likely to finish second also changes many times thru out the year. The most likely second place horse in January maiden races does not fit the profile of a second place finisher in July maiden races. Most exacta horse race bets placed are simply the two horses the fan “likes” the most. This simply does not work. Statistically the post time favorite will be included in eighty percent of all exacta wagers. The Whitley Group exacta wagers focus on the false favorite that does not fit the profile of the second place finisher. When you can wager two horses on top, the same two we have win wagers on both at 8-1 or more and leave the post time favorite out of the exacta the exacta payoffs are substantial.

Trifecta Wagers in Horse Race Bets

Trifecta wagering is also recommended to our clients. The trifecta pools contain large amounts of uneducated money. Most of us know people that play birthdays, area codes, and other ridiculous methods for trifecta horse race bets. The Whitley Group recommends the trifecta wagers be placed as follows. Key both horses we have recommended as win wagers with the horses listed in the bottom of exacta wagers with the same horses in the third position. The track profiles that have proven reliable in predicting the second place finishers often include the third place finisher as well. We know of no reliable track profile in determining the likely third place horse. Some clients use the “all” button for the third position in their trifecta horse race bets.A trifecta wager that keys a horse at 8-1 or more and does not include the favorite is preferred.

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