Kentucky Derby 2014

The 2014 Kentucky Derby is in just 3 short weeks. We at The Whitley Group are more excited than usual about this years wagering opportunities. The reason for all the anticipation for huge profits can be summed up in two words…California Chrome!  Casual fans as well as many sports books and other handicapping “pros” will make this years Kentucky Derby post time favorite 2-1 or perhaps even 9/5. This is the kind of undeserved action we live for. Can “Chrome” win the race? Yes… Will he win?? We are betting he won’t. IF California Chrome wins he will do so with out any of my money. Please don’t ever take 2-1 on any of your horse wagers and this is even more true regarding the Kentucky Derby. There are 19 other quality 3 year olds also running. The fact that one horse is receiving so much support in the race makes EVERY OTHER HORSE a value play. We will separate the tangle of the other 19 and and will never suggest a wager on any favorite, not in a 5K maiden claimer or the Kentucky Derby. As we wait for the final list of Derby entries and the all important post position draw, let me leave you with one final thought, If you like so many millions of others believe California Chrome can not lose the Kentucky Derby, pour your self an iced tea, sit back and just enjoy the race. But NEVER take 2-1 on any horse competing at a track he’s never raced on,with 150,000 screaming race fans while competing against 19 other’s that are trying to beat him. The value will be found if the post time favorite loses and in the other races leading up to the derby. The Whitley Group will be offering a full caed analysis of the entire card for Churchill Downs for Saturday May 3rd that will include our suggestions for the Kentucky derby.

They “Fix” Horse Races, Don’t They?

Very little has been written about actual horse race RESULT manipulation. Conversely a lot has been written about individuals accused of manipulating an individual race horse, normally in an effort to improve the horses performance.. Over or illegal medications get most of the press. These are two very different subjects. What follows is what I know to be truths regarding race result manipulation and manipulation of individual horses.

Are horse race’s fixed? Yes some are.
How many are fixed? More than you may think!
As a horseplayers, how can we wager and expect to win if the race is fixed? You can not win a race that is “fixed”.

I have been very fortunate to have spent many hours on the subject of race result fixing with some of the best “minds” in the horse wagering business. I have had the privilege of discussing the issue of result fixing with them. Here is what I have learned from them as well as my personal experiences with race result “fixing”. Trainers, jockeys, horse owners,and track personnel, are understandably unwilling to discuss the topic.

How are race results fixed? Jockeys fix most races.

Here is how it is done… The jockey colony at most race tracks is a very close knit group. Smaller and mid size tracks are the most often victims of race result manipulation. Large tracks are not immune however.

Often as many as 5 or more jockeys in a given race will agree, long before the race, that the favorite and the second choice will not “hit the board” in a particular race. Jockeys normally make two wagers. They purchase win tickets on the horse, or sometimes two horses that they know will be “allowed ‘ to win the race. The reason two horses are bet to win is because they realize something could go wrong with one horse or the other. One may “take a bad step” and not be able to complete the race, unseat the jockey, etc. Jockeys as you know, are not allowed to make wagers themselves. Family or friends make the wagers for them. Again this is a very close group. Sometimes they place their wagers at OTB’s or thru the internet but most often in person, at the track, at the wagering machines located thru out the track. Most are $20.00-$50.00 win wagers placed many times over. You maybe able to spot this type of race result manipulation in the inequities on the odds board with the morning line estimate. A horse listed as 10=1 on the ML that is sitting at 5-2 may be jockey money. It may not be. I will tell you how to tell the difference a bit later.

They also place trifecta wagers on the same race. Again using the auto machines, the trifecta ticket is often “boxed” leaving the favorite and the second choice off the ticket. Occasionally the horse(s) that have been bet to win are keyed in the trifecta but the preferred wager is the trifecta box. With the favorite and second choice OFF of the trifecta tickets. In normal wagering pools, 90% of the trifecta tickets will have the 1st and/or 2nd choice horses on the trifecta ticket. The other 10% of the trifecta tickets that do not include the favorite or second choice are the people betting favorite numbers, birthdays, zip codes, etc. and sometimes, jockeys!

A $2.00 trifecta that pays $200.00 with the favorite and second choice “out” is simply, race result manipulation.

Exacta “will pays” as well as daily double will pays are shown on the monitors at the track. Trifecta “will pays” are not shown on the track monitors,, More recently the superfecta has also become a victim of result manipulation as the superfecta will pays are not available on the track monitors. The post time favorite and second choice are often boxed in or stuck behind horses and do not hit the board. We at the Whitley Group watch dozens of replays daily, not for the troubled start or bad trip that’s available to anyone that purchases the Form, but for the trifecta that pays much less than it should with the favorite out. It is time consuming but we believe worth the effort. We wait anxiously for the horse or horses that were very short price at post time and were not allowed to run. We bet these horse next time out and make our clients aware the race they are exiting is suspect.

This is how we do it. Loran, a valued Whitley Group partner, may find three to five races per week that the trifecta payouts are out of line! After watching the replays Loran then brings the suspect race to my attention for my evaluation. An average of four races each week are “red flagged” as race result manipulation. This is a large number of races possibly being fixed. A lot of people lost a lot of money! There is no way I know of to be privy to this race result scandal prior to post time. If you happen to bet one of theses races your probably going to lose. We at The Whitley Group will let you know what race was suspect, which horses were not allowed to run, and when they are going to run again.

Next time I will tell you how, when, and where individual horses performances are manipulated and how we can profit from it.

Sorry its not in DRF “FORMULATOR” trainer stats.

Track Bias

“Bias” is defined as giving an unfair advantage. Track bias is one of the newest “secrets” currently being proclaimed by modern horse players. Their never ending search for the secret to horse racing has taken many players down the “track bias” road.

Yes, American racing does favor early speed. Yes, some surfaces, wet one’s, CAN produce more wire to wire winners. Not because the surface is biased, but because the off the pace horses are often all but blinded by water and mud being thrown in their faces.

True “track bias” DOES NOT exist. Track maintenance people are too good at their jobs.

One, and only one rare exception…… Wet Turf Races. The maintenance crews can do nothing to a turf course between races.

Most races carded for the turf are, as you know, moved to the main track if the turf course comes up wet.

The primary reason for this is the turf course can be badly damaged if racing is conducted on a wet grass.

Back to the track bias of wet turf courses. There are two times when racing continues on wet turf courses.

Watch and wait for either of these two great wagering opportunities.

I will go into detail about each.

  1. The rain begins during the days races. When the rain starts and the days races are already underway, the scheduled turf races are much more likely to be allowed to continue on the turf if at all possible. If these races are moved to the main track, too many horses are scratched. The track has to deal with much less money wagered on these races! This is not something the track wants. If the days racing has already begun the track will allow turf racing when they normally would declare the days turf “off”‘
  2. The days featured race(s) are scheduled turf races. Turf racing is much less likely not to be canceled because of a wet turf course if the race or races scheduled for the turf are the days “featured” race(s). The reason for this is again simple economics and the fact many horses ship in for these bigger turf races.

It is the turf stars, the horses the tracks betting coustomers come to the track to watch run (and to bet on!) Once again the track wants the money people will bet on these featured turf races. A Grade 1 or 2 race has a large purse value. Money wagered on these races is how the purse money is collected.

Track bias is todays subject.  Wet GRASS surfaces are EXTREMEILY biased to front running or early speed horses! Please let the last sentence sink deep into your handicapping mentality. You will make a lot of money if you are conscience of this one, true track bias! There are several reasons the early speed horses often win wet turf races, often at huge mutuals.

#1 Wet grass is simply less tiring. The early speed often “skips’ along the wet grass and has enough left in the stretch to hold off the late runners.

#2 Turf horses, even more than dirt horses,are much less likely to want to move forward into the water, mud, and wet grass being thrown back into their face from horses in front of them. Turf horses do not race on wet grass often enough to be come use to it.

#3 Turf horses are often trained to run late.

#4 turf races are often handicapped to favor the late runners. Much has been written about the final quarter time or stretch time ability in handicapping turf races. Turf handicappers refuse to adjust to a wet grass surface and continue to handicap wet turf races as they do firm turf races and bet the late closing runners.

Here is how you do it….. Google “weather channel “and enter the zip code of the track or tracks racing today. You will be given an hour by hour break down of the weather for that day. Note any anticipated rain in the city the track is located. Next use the DRF entries for the day (the post time is for each race is listed) Any anticipated rain pryor to any scheduled turf races is noted. you may get a turf race or two in before the races are moved to the main track. Front running horses in theses races are easily spotted and can be backed with out further handicapping.

One additional thought on wet turf races. Races taken off the turf and moved to the main track are often decimated by scratches.

The race goes to the horse with decent dirt form or has proven ability on the dirt. He or she only needs to defeat handful of turf horses that remain in the dirt race so the race “goes”. Most are only only on the main track for a “work out” at the request of the racing secretary. Again the handicapping is quick and effective.

MTO (main track only) entries should be given careful consideration. Most small to mid size race tracks to not have MTO entries.

I have read,over the past 40 yrs., everything ever written on horse handicapping. I have never read or heard anyone mention wet turf races. Please invest the time and energy necessary to understand and apply this profitable handicapping angle. I personally use this important tool and have won many tournaments with wet turf races.

Call me for clarification or consultation.

– Ted Whitley

Kentucky Derby Betting

January each year begins the official start of the “road to the Derby”. The highly anticipated derby qualifying races begin. Kentucky derby betting is an art all to its own. The shear size of the mutual pools make the annual “DERBY DAY” a highly anticipated  event at the Whitley Group. Kentucky Derby betting is, admittedly, one of the most difficult of all the races we will handicap the entire year. Get it right and it can make a horse player profitable for the year. The difficult part of betting the Kentucky Derby is the shear size of the field, 20 horses will run,and the fact the runners are all very talented 3 year olds and all are capable of improved performances.

Kentucky Derby Betting and Future Wagers

We at The Whitley Group are always active participates in the Kentucky Derby betting future pools. Please visit the results page on the web-site and see the future wagers the Whitley Girls had on last years Kentucky Derby winner I’ll Have Another.  Many of our clients wager large amounts in the future wager pools and we are proud to offer our clients professional advise on the selection of horses to be considered for their future wagers. It’s nice to see our clients make winning wagers at 30-1. Kentucky Derby betting gives us and our clients a great opportunity to truly “crush” both days, the Oaks on the first Friday in May and the Kentucky Derby,the first Saturday in May.

Kentucky Derby Betting and the Winners Profile

Much has been written about how to handicap the Kentucky Derby. Once again the “numbers” guys are out in full force. Fortunately the mutual pools are overflowing with money from handicappers still using Beyer speed figures,track bias, or trainer stats in their Kentucky Derby betting. They did not have the derby winner last year or for the last many years and continue to search for the next Kentucky Derby winner in all those statistics. The 2013 Kentucky Derby winner will be a lightly raced, improving colt that runs off the pace. Many of the horses in the starting gate will fit this profile. The separating of these horses is the focus of many months of committed professional work we at The Whitley Group provide for our clients. The results, all of which are public,validate the success of the groups combined efforts.

Kentucky Derby Betting and the Construction of Winning Wagers

The proper construction of Kentucky Derby wagers is perhaps the least understood aspect of Kentucky Derby betting. The field size of 20 prevents most players from using the “all” button. We at the Whitley Group maintain extensive profiles of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place Kentucky Derby finishers. These profiles which are primarily pace based have proven reliable in isolating the likely exacta, trifecta and superfecta horses in the horses we recommend for our clients. The winner of this years Kentucky Derby,as we said before will come from off the pace.The exacta and trifecta finishers will be determined by their response to the pace set by the early leaders.

Horse Betting: Do Trainers and Jockeys Make Bets?

Most horseplayers can be easily categorized as to handicapping types. They often refer to themselves as class, speed, trainer/jockey, or angle players etc. Most gravitate between several different systems. I suspect they have met with some limited success with what ever system they are pursuing. Most that we talk with believe they are very close to figuring out a magic system of picking winners in their horse betting. We know of no such magic system. Most seasoned horseplayers have settled into more traditional handicapping methods.Most often their system is a blending of several of their personal favorite ways of picking winners. Most continue to lose, often blaming the jockey or trainer when their perfectly handicapped horse finishes 5th, beaten 8 lengths.


To win consistently in horse betting you must think in ways the others at the track do not. No one can handicap a race in the 20 minutes between races. The preparation time to accurately handicap a horse race must begin long before the actual race day. We employ a full time staff of four and pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients 10-12 races a day from as many as 20 racetracks we are currently monitoring. Speed figures, trainer stats, track or post bias followers do not win on a consistent bases. No combination of numbers or angles will lead you to consistent winners in horse betting. You must out think your competition. We suggest you spend several days at your local track and get to know your competition. Your competition is the other people at the track. Do not make any bets just observe and listen. Learn to go to the track and not make a wager. If you master the art of passing races you are well on your way to becoming a consistent winner when horse betting. The others at the track or OTB cannot do it. They bet too many races.

Horse Betting and CORRUPTION

We are often asked if horse races are fixed. I will tell you what I know about it. The vast majority of horse races are run without any form of corruption. Most times rumors of over medication or jockey influenced results are weeks or months old and are not of any value to the horseplayer. Interesting yes, profitable no! The exception is a horse not asked to run or allowed to run. Most trainers do bet on horses. Most jockeys do bet on horses. They don’t make very many bets and they only bet when they know something the others at the track do not know. I hope by now this is starting to sound familiar. The back stretch whispers you have heard about are usually the trainers efforts to down play,as much as possible, his enthusiasm for a particular horse. Trainers know there are many variable that effect a horses performance on any given day. Backstretch rumors are rumors. Trainers or jockeys horse betting wagers do not always or even often win. When they do win they win at big odds. I don’t know any trainer or jockey that handicaps horse races to place a bet. We at the Whitley Group do not “handicap” horse races. We use information not found in the past performances. You cannot win if you use the same information every one at the track uses. The information found in past performances, the magical numerical formula does not exist. Remember that if the next race winner were hidden some where in all those numbers Bill Gates would include it on his next “windows” release and our great game of horse betting would be no more.

Horse Race Bets

Happy New Year from the Whitley Girls! We are often asked what type of bets we recommend our clients make. We focus mainly on win, exacta and trifecta wagers when placing horse race bets. The temptation of pick three, four, and pick six wagers are something we try to discourage our clients from making. The Whitley Group wagers are based on inside information or our own information we have collected. Simply put, if we don’t know anything that is not found in the past performances we do no wager on the race. The “guaranteed” pools of many pick four and pick six pools are the currant rage at many large race tracks. Lottery mentality or a major financial score is the motivator.

Placing Win Wagers in Horse Race Bets

Betting a horse to win has many advantages. The odds to win are the deciding factor in all our win wagers. We recommend “dutch” wagering when placing horse race bets. Dutch wagering is the wagering of two or more horses to win in the same race. Our clients are provided two horses to consider in the race we are recommending making a horse race bet. These horses will always have two traits. First we know something about the horse that the betting public doesn’t and both horses must have odds of at least 8-1 or more with two minutes till post. We have never had four, let alone six of these races in a row!

Placing Exacta wagers in Horse Race Bets

Exacta horse race bets are very popular at most race tracks. The exacta pools often rival the win pools at some race tracks. Exacta wagers we recommend are based on the following. We maintain extensive track profiles of the second place runners at all major and mid size tracks. Horses being used in the bottom of exactas are the horses that fit the currant profile of the race track. Primarily pace focused, the likely second place finisher profile changes drastically with distance,surface,and class. The profile of the horse most likely to finish second also changes many times thru out the year. The most likely second place horse in January maiden races does not fit the profile of a second place finisher in July maiden races. Most exacta horse race bets placed are simply the two horses the fan “likes” the most. This simply does not work. Statistically the post time favorite will be included in eighty percent of all exacta wagers. The Whitley Group exacta wagers focus on the false favorite that does not fit the profile of the second place finisher. When you can wager two horses on top, the same two we have win wagers on both at 8-1 or more and leave the post time favorite out of the exacta the exacta payoffs are substantial.

Trifecta Wagers in Horse Race Bets

Trifecta wagering is also recommended to our clients. The trifecta pools contain large amounts of uneducated money. Most of us know people that play birthdays, area codes, and other ridiculous methods for trifecta horse race bets. The Whitley Group recommends the trifecta wagers be placed as follows. Key both horses we have recommended as win wagers with the horses listed in the bottom of exacta wagers with the same horses in the third position. The track profiles that have proven reliable in predicting the second place finishers often include the third place finisher as well. We know of no reliable track profile in determining the likely third place horse. Some clients use the “all” button for the third position in their trifecta horse race bets.A trifecta wager that keys a horse at 8-1 or more and does not include the favorite is preferred.

Horse Betting Opportunities for Today’s Horse Player

Horse Betting Value

Today anyone wishing to gamble their money has a wide menu of gambling options. Casinos are here to stay. Sport betting ,football betting specifically, has an untold number of participants. Horse betting remains the choice of professional gamblers. Casinos are required by law to make customers aware of the edge the casino has in all the games they offer. Football bettors are faced with even money payoffs if they win, 5% vigor when they lose,and point spreads that make the football gambler a long term loser. Horse betting is para mutual which means “among us”. The race track has no interest in how much you win or lose. The casino does. The race track takes their money from the top of all betting pools and is interested only in the total amount wagered.

Horse Betting Opportunities

Today more than any at other time does the professional horse player have the tools necessary to make profits investing in horse betting. The casinos/racetracks are the latest additions to the pro horseplayers success with his horse betting. Most “raceinos” as they are affectionately called, are built on the existing grounds of horse tracks. They have become very popular for several reasons. First casinos do not allow minors. Racetracks do. I think the idea is that one parent can stay with the kids and bet on the horse races while the other goes to the attached casino. With no babysitter to pay that’s more money for mom to put in the slot machines. The other parent staying with the children can lose their money betting on the horses using favorite numbers or favorite colors or which horse looks the prettiest. Betting a game they no absolutely nothing about. Now that’s family fun! Remember to win at horse betting, you need to only be better at horse betting than the others at the track. I think you can do it.

Horse Betting Today

Today all horseplayers should embrace this time of simulcast horse racing, racinos, and on-line account wagering services. Never before has the professional had the opportunities that we have today. Horse racing in the U.S. and many other parts of the world,is alive and well. The modern horse player must continue to change his horse betting as the industry changes. This is no different than other business. Successful business people, regardless of the business they are in must constantly change to take advantage of new opportunities.  Horse betting today is nothing like what your grandfather taught you. To win at horse betting today you must know something the others at the track do not know. You should know for instance the casino influenced race track crowds are at their peak on weekends. Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The best races to bet will be the middle to later parts of the race card. Any earlier they are at the slot machines in the casinos and by the last few races most have lost their money and gone home.

Horse Betting and the Professional

Most of the negatives we hear today about horse betting are from losing horseplayers. They often complain of “short “fields. I guess they have gotten so good at picking winners in 6 horse fields they need more challenge at prefer 12 horses? 4-1 is the same if 6 horses are running or 12. The other often heard complaint is the number of races carded for most racing days. The professionals I know seldom make more than 5 or 6 wagers per day and with the opportunities of simulcast,there is never a day without 6-10 excellent horse bets. The demise of many horse players and other sport bettors is they make too many wagers.The demise of the casino patron is walking in the place.

Horse Race Betting

Horse Race Betting 2013

As the 2012 horse racing season comes to a close it is important to recognize beginning January 1st. The profile of the winning horse once again changes. The January thru March winning profile is very much different than the October thru December winners we have just gotten familiar with in our horse race betting. Conditioned claiming races,age restricted,and possibly the most eagerly anticipated maiden races offer the professional horseplayer a huge edge in their horse race betting.

Horse Race Betting Maidens January, March and April

The profile of the winner of maiden races makes it’s most drastic change as we begin the new year. Early speed is the key to maiden horse race betting January thru April. Most of us are very aware of the importance of early speed in American horse racing. No where is the ability to grab an early lead more important than in early season maiden races. Several aspects of early speed in your maiden horse race betting deserve careful consideration.First understand that horses are herd animals and most prefer to run with the herd and are reluctant to over take and pass others in the herd. You can watch the parade of maidens down the stretch and see very little change in position past the 1/4 pole. The earlier parts of the race are often used by these young horses to establish a mental pecking order in the “herd” and most are reluctant to change position by passing another horse once this order of ability has been established. No amount of urging or use of the riders crop can convince most at this point to leave the herd and pull off.

Using Early Speed in Horse Race Betting

Late season maidens winners at most tracks do win off the pace.The early speed maidens with any ability at all have graduated from the maiden ranks and the off the pace maiden wins more by default than running style ability. What is important to the handicapper in his horse race betting is the drastic change from the late running maiden winners of October, November,and December to the front running profile of the early season maidens winners. Most of your competition at the track will have late season track profiles and are still looking for the “pressers” or closer in a hotly contested pace match up and watch in horror as the early season maidens behave nothing like the maidens of the fall. Horse race betting in maiden races the first three months of the year is one the most anticipated events at the Whitley Group.

Rain and Horse Race Betting

Early season racing also includes the rain that comes with the arrival of spring in many areas of the U.S. Many race tracks begin their racing season in March or April and the spring rains and thunder storms are part of the program.We have been told for generations the dirt tracks in the U. S. are biased to the front runners on “off” or “sloppy” tracks. Maiden horse race betting on “off” tracks benefits from the previously discussed preferred  early speed running style profile and is now even further enhanced as any maiden not on or very close to the lead on an off track will not move up into the mud and water being kicked up by the horses in front of them. The profile of the early season maiden race winner begins to make subtle changes during the summer months and we will discuss these at a later time.Concentrate your early season maiden horse race betting on the anticipated early pace leaders regardless of the surface or distance of today’s race.

Online Horse Wagering

The Pros and Cons of Online Horse Wagering

I am often asked if we at The Whitley Group use an online horse wagering service and which ones we recommend. The correct answer is yes, we do place some wagers through several online horse wager services. I recommend to our clients that wager on line to take advantage of current promotions being offered. Some on line wagering services have offers that match new customer deposits up to $250.00. The theory is of course that when you do become a customer you will lose you money and the matching deposit!


Convenience and promotions are the only two reasons to consider using an on line wagering service. Convenience has its pit falls and I will cover a few of the most common. Today’s world of simulcast is a land mine for the horseplayers bank roll. Those of you that that are track bias fans, or Beyer speed figure followers our even the trainer patters published so boldly these days, will probably go through your matching deposit quickly if you try to wagering at distant race tracks using the same information everyone at the track has.


Most online horse wagering or account wagering horseplayers simply make too many wagers. They often jump from race track to race track influenced by television “talent” that give their options on several races going off in the next few minutes using the same “past performances” you have. Remember these are employees of the wagering service and are required to give “expert ” options on all races scheduled during their shift. They simply do not show a flat bet profit and honestly I couldn’t either. To show a profit at horse racing, on line or at the track use simply must know something about the horse you intend to wager on the others at the track, or wagering thru on line horse wagering accounts do not know.

What Makes Us the Horse Racing Experts

We use in formation not found in the “past performances”. The focus at The Whitley Group is based on a two-part approach. The first is to consider the race horse as a living, breathing animal that like all animals, humans included, are influenced by many outside forces that include things like barometric pressure, moon phases, and hormone changes. The second and vitally important aspect of our handicapping process includes examining the morning line favorite and second or third betting choice. You simply can’t make money betting short priced horses. When we have non-published information on a horse and reason to believe the favorite will not run as expected do we consider a wager on line or at the track. Often times your handicapping may have been excellent and your 8-1 pick runs a great race but ultimately is beaten by a solid favorite. Never bet on the favorite and never bet against a solid favorite.


The really great news about online horse wagering is that selective, dedicated horse players are literally at the mercy of the on line account wagering services. Pro players can pick and choose those very select opportunities that we horse players wait for to arise. The horse racing online service is required by law to offer the same betting menu and to pay the same payouts the track does. Professionals wait patiently for the public to load up on a false favorite or the rain to begin to fall on a turf course. It happens every day and winning thru online horse wagering racing profits can explode and there is nothing the online wagering service can do to change that!

Horse Racing Picks

We are often asked the advantages of using a horse racing pick service. Some very seasoned horse players scoff at the idea of using anyone else’s options other than their own. Todays modern horse player normally wagers more often on simulcast than at local tracks and you simply cannot know all the variables at distant race tracks. Today more than ever using a quality horse racing picks service is more profitable than ever. “Quality” how ever is not always that easy to find when buying horse racing picks. We as a people normally associate quality with price.The more it “cost” the better it must be. Why else would they charge more for it unless it was some how “worth more”?

Why Choose Us for Horse Racing Picks

We at The Whitley Group are the only horse racing pick service on the web that has actually verifiable winning creditionals. We purchase the same tickets that we provide to our coustomers. Copies of our tickets, the winners and the losers,are posted on the web site for all to see. The tournament wins and the amounts along with the dates are all public information. We do not win every race we wager on…..but we are working on it! Anyone that selects any of our horse racing picks packages will receive the list of the wagers we are considering making today. Changing track conditions,races taken “off”the turf or late scratches,or unacceptable odds will keep us from making the wagers. Try to become disciplined enough to pass a race when “changes” come up after our horse racing picks have been posted. The ability to pass a race is the true mark of a professional.

Horse racing picks have been available as long as there has been horse racing. Most casual race goers should purchase a “tip sheet” available at their local track or perhaps refer to the sport section in a local newspaper, most have a local sport person that gives his or hers horse racing picks for the days horse racing at the local track. Forced to pick a winner,exacta, and trifecta for each race on the card,the local experts can not possibly show a profit for the evening. Honestly forced to pick the winning horse in every race is not something any of us could do. Still the casual race goer would be money ahead to purchase a tip sheet for their horse racing picks for a couple of dollars than to try to go it on their own. They would probable lose less.

We at The Whitley Group provide our horse racing picks to wide range of customers. Many of our clients are very experienced horse players that recognize the value of the service we offer, and most are long term customers. Any horse race pick service that offers more than a very select number of selections per day is simply not going to show a long term profit. We can’t do it and you can’t either. The daily horse racing picks available to our customers are the results of hours of hard work from our entire staff. It is admittedly a labor of love and none of us could imagine doing anything else. To be successful at horse race wagering you simply must know something the others at the track do not know.

A Unique Advantage

We at the Whitley Group strive to provide our customers with information not found in the past performances. Mr. Whitley has been a professional handicapper for many years and advises several large wagering groups. All profits if any, derived from the sale of on-line horse racing picks go to the Whitley Girls and the daily expenses of operating a professional horse racing picks service. All 3 of the girls provide valuable information Mr. Whitley personally uses in his horse racing picks analysis.