Kentucky Derby Betting

January each year begins the official start of the “road to the Derby”. The highly anticipated derby qualifying races begin. Kentucky derby betting is an art all to its own. The shear size of the mutual pools make the annual “DERBY DAY” a highly anticipated  event at the Whitley Group. Kentucky Derby betting is, admittedly, one of the most difficult of all the races we will handicap the entire year. Get it right and it can make a horse player profitable for the year. The difficult part of betting the Kentucky Derby is the shear size of the field, 20 horses will run,and the fact the runners are all very talented 3 year olds and all are capable of improved performances.

Kentucky Derby Betting and Future Wagers

We at The Whitley Group are always active participates in the Kentucky Derby betting future pools. Please visit the results page on the web-site and see the future wagers the Whitley Girls had on last years Kentucky Derby winner I’ll Have Another.  Many of our clients wager large amounts in the future wager pools and we are proud to offer our clients professional advise on the selection of horses to be considered for their future wagers. It’s nice to see our clients make winning wagers at 30-1. Kentucky Derby betting gives us and our clients a great opportunity to truly “crush” both days, the Oaks on the first Friday in May and the Kentucky Derby,the first Saturday in May.

Kentucky Derby Betting and the Winners Profile

Much has been written about how to handicap the Kentucky Derby. Once again the “numbers” guys are out in full force. Fortunately the mutual pools are overflowing with money from handicappers still using Beyer speed figures,track bias, or trainer stats in their Kentucky Derby betting. They did not have the derby winner last year or for the last many years and continue to search for the next Kentucky Derby winner in all those statistics. The 2013 Kentucky Derby winner will be a lightly raced, improving colt that runs off the pace. Many of the horses in the starting gate will fit this profile. The separating of these horses is the focus of many months of committed professional work we at The Whitley Group provide for our clients. The results, all of which are public,validate the success of the groups combined efforts.

Kentucky Derby Betting and the Construction of Winning Wagers

The proper construction of Kentucky Derby wagers is perhaps the least understood aspect of Kentucky Derby betting. The field size of 20 prevents most players from using the “all” button. We at the Whitley Group maintain extensive profiles of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place Kentucky Derby finishers. These profiles which are primarily pace based have proven reliable in isolating the likely exacta, trifecta and superfecta horses in the horses we recommend for our clients. The winner of this years Kentucky Derby,as we said before will come from off the pace.The exacta and trifecta finishers will be determined by their response to the pace set by the early leaders.