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If you would like to learn more about our horse race handicapping service and how you can use our selections to help you improve your horse race wagering, please contact us using the form or contact information below. You can also purchase any of our daily horse racing picks packages online directly though our website on our Horse Racing Picks Page to see how these picks can influence your horse race wagering outcomes.

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Horse Race Handicappers

2002 Congressional Drive #28524
Saint Louis, MO 63146

Phone: 314-803-7010

Contact Us with Your Horse Race Wagering Questions or Comments

At Horse Race Handicappers, we genuinely care about each of our clients. Therefore, it is our goal to help each client achieve success with his horse race wagering. As a result, we make ourselves available to our clients to answer questions and to provide additional information as needed. We also love to hear from our clients regarding recent horse race wagering successes that came from using our daily selections and recommendations. Or, if you simply want to let the girls know that you are enjoying the videos, we are here for that too!

Get Answers for Your Horse Race Wagering Questions

If you have any questions about our selections or how the system works, please feel free to contact one of our horse wagering experts at Horse Race Handicappers to get the answers you need. Common questions may include those about:

  • How our horse race handicapping service works
  • How to place horse race wagers using our selections
  • Why we picked a certain selection or horse race wager
  • How to use our horse handicapping service
  • Viewing our horse racing picks videos

You can also find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about our selections and horse race wagering on our Frequently Asked Horse Handicapping Questions page.

Share Your Horse Race Wagering Success Stories

At Horse Race Handicappers, our goal is not only to provide each customer with accurate and winning horse race wagering information, but also we hope to build lasting relationships with each customer. Therefore, we are not just here to answer your questions, but we also love hearing from our clients regarding their recent horse race wagering successes. If you have been using our selections for your horse race wagering and betting, and you have been pleased with the results, let us know. In fact, we may even use your stories and comments as testimonials on our website.

Learn More About Horse Race Wagering & Our Winning Selections

In addition to contacting us, you can also learn more about how we pick our winning horse race wagers and selections by reading the information we have provided on our website. Types of information you can find includes details about:

What Makes Us Horse Racing Experts?

  1. We use information that people at the track don't have
  2. Utilize the combined efforts of our expert staff
  3. We collect and analyze rare information not often published from past performances
  4. We provide our clients with a daily comprehensive list of the horses and acceptable odds we will be wagering
  5. We continually monitor all mid-level and large tracks currently running and only wager on horses when we have positive, non-publicized information on a horse