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Horse Racing: Online Dictionary of Important Terms

Horse Racing Online DictionaryWhether you like visiting the tracks every weekend or enjoy horse racing online, familiarity with the industry jargon is always beneficial. Like any other sport, following horse racing online has its share of terms and phrases. Horse Race Handicappers can help you master these terms and everyday horse racing lingo in order to turn you into a veritable expert!

By learning these terms and their meaning, you can easily understand the subtle nuances of a bookkeeper and increase your chances of winning. And let’s face it; showing off your knowledge in horse racing slang is always a great conversation starter among other enthusiasts and those who enjoy following in horse racing online! To learn more about horse racing lingo or for help selecting the best horse racing picks for any race, contact the experts at Horse Race Handicappers.

Glossary of Terms for Horse Racing Online

Want to brush up on your horse racing online slang and lingo? Here’s a great list of popular phrases and terms that you can add to your horse racing vocabulary! You can also learn more about additional phrases and terms related to online horse racing throughout our website.

  • Across the board: Betting on the same horse to win, show and place.
  • Break Maiden: When a specific horse or rider wins for the 1st time.
  • Bridge jumper: A horse racing online punter who wagers large amounts on odds-on favorites at place or show pools.
  • Bug boy: A trainee jockey.
  • Clocker: The individual who times or rates workouts of horses.
  • Colt: Term used for a male horse.
  • Conditions: Circumstances like distance, surface, eligibilities, and purse under which the race is held. 
  • Daily Double: A bet where the bettor attempts to choose the winners of two consecutive races in a single ticket.
  • Derby: A race with stakes dedicated to three year old horses.
  • Distance of ground: Route race around 2 turns.
  • Exacta: An exotic bet where the bettor attempts to predict the first and second place horses in a single race.
  • Form: The present condition of the horse.
  • Front runner: In race horse betting, this term refers to the participating horse touted to lead or near the lead.
  • Handicap: When weights are designed and assigned to equalize the chances of winning for all entrants in a race. Handicap also refers to the study of horse’s racing records to determine the chances of winning for each participant.
  • Handle: The total amount bet on a specific race or over the entire day.
  • In the money: Refers to the owners that are entitled to a share of the pot i.e. finishing in the first four. In terms of horse racing online betting, in the money refers to finishing in the top three spots in a race.
  • Irons: Another term commonly used in horse racing online lingo to refer to stirrups.
  • Juvenile: A horse that is two years old or younger.
  • Maiden: Horses that have never won a race. When used in horse betting this term can also refer to a race specifically for horses that previously have not won a single race.
  • Objections: A claim of foul play made by jockey after the race.
  • Odds: This term is used in horse racing to refer to the chances awarded to a horse for winning a specific race. This is based on the pari-mutuel wagering of the public.
  • Off the board: Any horse that does not succeed in finishing in the money.
  • Off the pace: In horse racing online, this refers to a horse found lagging behind during the early stages of race.
  • Pace: The changing speed of the leading horses at different stages of the race.
  • Pick 3, 4, 5, or 6: A form of exotic wagering where players choose the winners in consecutive races.
  • Scratch: Withdrawing a horse from the race.
  • Superfecta: An exotic wager used in horse racing online where the punter predicts the first four horses in the race.

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