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Betting in Horse Racing at The Preakness Stakes

Preakness Stakes: $20.00

Betting in horse racing is a unique experience; especially if you are betting in a horse racing event that is as legendary as the Preakness Stakes. The Preakness Stakes is one of the most popular stakes races for thoroughbred horses and for those interested in betting in horse racing. Not many races can hold a candle to the Preakness Stakes when it comes to excitement and entertainment as some of the best action in betting in horse racing is found at the Preakness Stakes. The Preakness Stakes race is scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 16, 2014.

The first time that the legendary Preakness Stakes race was held was in the year 1873, when just seven horses took part in the race. The winner was a three year old thoroughbred named Survivor. He won by a margin of ten lengths. His record stood for an amazing 132 years, before it was finally broken by Smarty Jones in 2004, who won by 11.5 lengths.

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The Preakness Stakes and Betting in Horse Racing

Betting in Horse Racing: Preakness Stakes SelectionsThe Preakness Stakes is held every year at the Pimlico Race Track located in Baltimore, Maryland and it is a treat for those who love betting in horse racing. The Preakness Stakes is the second race in the US Triple Crown, following the Kentucky Derby and preceding the Belmont Stakes. To win the US Triple Crown, a horse must win all the three races. Like the Kentucky Derby which is called “The Run for the Roses”, and the Belmont Stakes which is called “The Run for the Carnations”, the Preakness Stakes also has a nickname as it is called “The Run for the Black Eyed Susans”.

More Facts About Betting in Horse Racing at the Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is one of the most popular races held in the United States. The racetrack is a popular destination for betting in horse racing and for other horse racing enthusiasts. In fact, in 1977, the House of Representatives was adjourned, so the members could watch the Preakness Stakes. This is the one and only time it ever happened.

Betting in horse racing at the Preakness Stakes attracts a large number of bookmakers, handicappers, and bettors. In fact, the race attracts the second largest crowd in North America after the Kentucky Derby. Out of town visitors and those who come to partake in betting in horse racing have a field day at the Preakness Stakes trying to select the winning horse. The 2012 Preakness Stakes was won by I'll Have Another, who took home a purse of $1,000,000.

This popular horse racing event is named after a colt named Preakness, the winner of the Dinner Party Stakes (now called the Dixie Stakes, carrying a purse of $300,000). Incidentally, the Pimlico also opened on this day. It is said that the term 'purse money' can be traced back to the Preakness Stakes.

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Preakness Stakes Picks for Betting in Horse RacingOur top picks for betting in horse racing at the Preakness Stakes are the exact picks we will be wagering on ourselves. We use a special formula to arrive at these horse racing picks, which we feel are the most likely to produce results. When making selections for betting in horse racing, we make our picks based on a number of factors such as moon phases and barometric pressure. Our adherence to detail and accurate information makes sure that you get selections that lead to profitable wagers.

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