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Horse Racing Tips: Is Speed the Most Important Factor When Picking a Winner?

In order to win a race, a horse must be fast enough to beat the other horses. This is possibly the most obvious horse racing tip that can be given. However, determining a horse’s speed is often not as simple nor as straightforward as is sounds. This is because speed can be influenced by a variety of factors and it can vary from day to day and race to race.

Horse Racing Tips from our Horse Racing HandicappersAt Horse Race Handicappers, we use a variety of horse racing tips to determine how a hose will run on a given day. These factors help us to select our winning horse racing picks for each day for many popular races at tracks around the country. To see the horse racing wagers that we will be placing based on our analysis using our own horse racing tips, please purchase on of or horse racing picks packages online today.

What is Speed?

Speed is perhaps the least understood and most scrutinized aspect of horseracing. It is most simply described as the actual rate of motion at which an individual horse travels during a race. Therefore, accurately determining or predicting the speed that each horse is going to run in a given race is the most basic horse racing tip one can give for predicting the winner. However, because there are a vast number of factors that can influence and determine the speed of a horse on any given day, this concept becomes increasingly more complicated.

Our Horse Racing Tips for Determining a Horse’s Expected Speed in a Race

Obviously, we at Horse Race Handicappers believe that a horse must be inherently fast enough to beat the competition and win a race. Since most horses are entered at the proper class levels, horses usually have the capacity to be fast enough to win. However, because these horses in any given race are so evenly matched, it can be difficult to attempt to separate the contestants by simply assigning numerical values to events as is done with the past performances. In fact, we believe that drawing horse racing tips from these past events shown in past performances in order to place your wagers is financial suicide.

Learn Factors Affecting Speed & Other Horse Racing TipsInstead, we believe that horses are living and breathing creatures and so they must be treated as such. This means understanding and recognizing that many separate and individual factors can contribute to the one factor of “speed”. Therefore, our important horse racing tip, which we follow when determining our wining picks and selections, is to carefully consider each of the factors that can have an impact on speed. These factors may include:

  • Barometric Pressure & Weather Conditions
  • Soil Moisture Content
  • Moon Phases
  • Horse’s In Heat Cycles
  • Other Non-Published “Inside” Information About the Horses

By collecting and analyzing vast amounts of information surrounding these factors, we are able to make accurate predictions as to how each horse will perform in a given race.

Learn More About Our Horse Racing Tips

If you would like to learn more about the horse racing tips that we use when handicapping horse racing and making our wining horse racing selections, read some of our Powerful Handicapping Angles here. You can also see how our horse racing picks can help improve your horse racing wagers and the winnings you receive by purchasing one of our Horse Racing Picks Packages online today.

What Makes Us Horse Racing Experts?

  1. We use information that people at the track don't have
  2. Utilize the combined efforts of our expert staff
  3. We collect and analyze rare information not often published from past performances
  4. We provide our clients with a daily comprehensive list of the horses and acceptable odds we will be wagering
  5. We continually monitor all mid-level and large tracks currently running and only wager on horses when we have positive, non-publicized information on a horse