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Superfecta Betting: How to Place Superfecta Horse Racing Wagers

Placing Superfecta Wagers on Horses RacingSuperfecta betting is when you place a bet on the first, second, third, and fourth place horses in a race. This type of bet is significantly more difficult to choose than exacta or trifecta bets on horses as it requires selecting additional horses to finish. However, these bets can have even larger payouts than the other two types of bets. To bet superfecta bets properly, they require looking closely at the horses racing and carefully considering factors that may influence the outcomes.

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Placing Winning Superfecta Horse Racing Wagers

The fact that superfecta bets have the potential for producing giant payoffs has fueled the popularity of these types of bets for many horse racing fans. However, the problem with most superfecta bets is like that of most trifecta bets. This is that individuals make uneducated guesses when selecting their superfecta wagers rather than taking the time to carefully analyze the horses racing and select winning wagers. In fact, many individuals will even place superfectas bets without even looking at the horses racing and instead by simply using their lucky numbers, street addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, or zip codes. This really leaves the outcome of their bets up to chance.

Superfecta Betting | Placing Winning WagersAt Horse Race Handicappers, we do not encourage this type of random betting without carefully considering each of the horses racing. While we do not specifically produce a list of any superfecta bets, clients can use our trifecta wagers to place superfecta bets if they choose. To do this, we recommend that our clients wager on the superfecta as they would with the trifecta while using the same horse to finish fourth in the superfecta that was used in the third place position of the trifecta. We also recommend limiting superfecta wagers to races with eight or less runners. As always, we also do not recommend including the favorite in a superfecta wager and we do not recommend betting against the favorite without valid reasons.

What is Superfecta Betting

A superfecta bet is a type of horse racing wager in which you select the first, second, third, and fourth place horses in a race in that particular order. These types of bets can be difficult to select because of the sheer number of outcomes possible. For example, in a typical race with only 8 horses racing, there are 57 possible exacta combinations, 336 possible trifecta combinations, and a whopping 1,680 possible superfecta combinations. However, with these long odds, these bets can return substantial payoffs when successful.

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