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Race Horse Betting Systems - What Doesn’t Work And What Does!

Race Horse Betting Systems: Learn What WorksAs an aspiring horse race handicapper, one of the costliest mistakes you can make is to spread your bets too thin. Betting in too many races is not only unwise, but carries too much risk. Instead, you can choose to be selective about your bets and become more successful with a few smart choices. The phrase ‘less is more’ holds equally true for race horse betting. Like many real life situations, it is very important to pick your battles and strategize before you jump into wagering. It is smart to know which races you should wager in and which ones you should avoid.

There are certain race horse betting styles that consume your time and resources, proving profitable only to the bookmaker! A great way to minimize risk and maximize your chances of winning is to stay informed of racehorses and betting options. Using specific betting systems to wager in a race can also help you become more selective. With a betting system in place, you can save time and narrow down your list of potential race horse betting options.

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Using Speed Ratings in Race Horse Betting

Speed ratings are often thought of as one convenient way for handicappers to engage in race horse betting with the best chances of winning.

  • A speed rating is allotted to each participating horse based on its fitness levels and abilities.
  • This number is calculated by using the standard time for a specific track as base and calculating each performance on a relative calculation scale.
  • When handicappers begin race horse betting, these performances are compared across different competition classes and distances to rank horses on their rating.

The most commonly accepted advantage of using the speed rating in race horse betting is that it allows you to narrow down your choices to a few key competitors. This information helps you compare the chances between the best horses in an accurate and factual manner. However, it is very unwise to assume that speed ratings can guarantee a win and earn you thousands. Race horse betting is only a game of chance and while speed ratings can help you increase your chances of winning, they are not necessarily the most reliable way to guarantee a jackpot.

Race Horse Betting & Using Workout Reports

Another method commonly used by those who enjoy race horse betting is to analyze each horse’s workout information. The kind of training a horse undergoes the morning of the race is believed to be a telling sign of how it will perform. However, a more of a traditional method, workout reports are not considered to be the most accurate signs of a horse’s future performance at the race by race horse betting experts.

  • A ‘good’ workout report is measured on two factors - time and pattern.
  • Workouts should be evenly spaced out, especially if the horse has not raced in a prolonged duration. Additionally, the duration for which the horse underwent workout is considered.
  • The fastest workout for each horse is called a bullet and every instance is recorded in the report.
  • By looking at the number of bullet works for a particular horse, handicappers can supposedly narrow on the best options for race horse betting on the upcoming race.   

However, it is important to realized that while it is accurate to assume that an improved workout report the morning of the race can lead to better performance, it is not a definitive indicator.

Find the Information you Need for Successful Race Horse Betting!

Race Horse Betting Systems from Horse Race HandicappersAt Horse Race Handicappers, we have developed our own betting system that has proven profitable and effective for us. While the traditional and established betting systems such as using work out reports or speed ratings are sometimes used by horse players to result in satisfactory outcomes, a unique race horse betting system, like the one we have developed, can give you the edge. To learn more about our horse race handicapping methods and what methods we find most effective, buy our e-book today.

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