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Horse Race Handicappers | View Our Horse Racing PicksAre you still using the same old handicapping information and methods as everyone else at the track? If so, you are probably seeing the same results. The typical horse race handicapper will continue to wager and lose by using the same speed figures, trainer’s statistics, and handicapping methods that have been used for generations. However, when using this same information day after day and race after race, many horse race handicappers find that they lose much more often than they win.

If you are ready to start winning your bets more often, Horse Race Handicappers can help. We have developed a new horse race handicapping system using new methods and technology. These methods have brought us and continue to bring us success, and they can do the same for you. To receive top picks from our professional horse race handicappers, purchase one of our horse racing picks packages today!

Revolutionizing the Horse Race Handicapping Industry

The Whitley Girls | Professional Horse Race Handicappers
Introducing The Whitley Girls!
Football has its cheerleaders and NASCAR has its pit girls, now horse racing has its girls too!

Until now, horseplayers were forced to rely on sheets of information that were called “Past Performances”. With this system, all horse race handicappers had access to the same information. They would use an endless supply of repetitive statistics including past race and workout information from weeks, months, and even years ago. Therefore, horse race handicappers would stare at past performance papers for hours hoping the next winner would suddenly jump off the page and reveal itself.

However, you can now wager confidently and successfully with the inside information and unique handicapping methods used by Horse Race Handicappers. We use our own proven handicapping methods and insider information, which others do not have access to, to develop a list of each days predicted winners. We will provide our clients with the specific racetrack, horse, and acceptable odds that we will be wagering on each day.

Learn more about how our handicapping system can improve your horse wagering on our How It Works Page.

How Our Horse Race Handicappers Make Selections

At Horse Race Handicappers, our staff members are full time horseracing and handicapping professionals. We have special access to information and individuals that other horse race handicappers do not. We can therefore collect and organize unique and special information in order to determine our expected results. With this system cannot only tell our clients which horses will run well, but can identify false favorites and horses that will not run well. It is only when we can confidently expect a horse to run a much improved race, AND we have information showing that the race favorite will not run as expected, that will we consider or recommend a wager on a race.

You can learn more about the people we work with and the problems that we solve with our handicapping horse racing methods on our What We Do & How We Do It Page.

Start Placing Winning Bets with Our Horse Race Handicapping Picks Today!

At Horse Race Handicappers, we believe that we have solved many of the age old problems that have been plaguing and holding back horse race handicappers for generations. With our unique and proven handicapping methods, we are unlike any other horse race handicapping service. Therefore, our clients are able to receive access to information, which other horse race handicappers and horseplayers cannot access.

To start receiving our inside information and to have exclusive access to our horse racing picks, which only our members can view, purchase one of our horse racing picks packages today! With our horse racing picks and information, you can start betting and winning like the professional horse race handicappers.

What Makes Us Horse Racing Experts?

  1. We use information that people at the track don't have
  2. Utilize the combined efforts of our expert staff
  3. We collect and analyze rare information not often published from past performances
  4. We provide our clients with a daily comprehensive list of the horses and acceptable odds we will be wagering
  5. We continually monitor all mid-level and large tracks currently running and only wager on horses when we have positive, non-publicized information on a horse