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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Horse Handicapping

How do you Determine Your Horse Handicapping Selections?

We make our horse handicapping selections by carefully reviewing a wide variety of types of information. This includes the insider information that we collect from the backstretches at the race tracks as well as additional information about moon phases, barometric pressure readings, and individual horse’s in heat cycles. By analyzing and reviewing this information when handicapping horse racing, our experts are able to determine our best winning wagers. As our selections, which we determine by using our unique horse handicapping methods, have proven over the years to be successful wagers and have yielded satisfactory results for us when betting on horse racing, we honestly believe they will do the same for you.

Some other pages from our website that provide additional information about our horse handicapping methods, which may be interesting to you include:

Why do you Sell your Horse Handicapping Picks Online? Why Not Just Make the Bets?

The answer is, that we do both! Mr. Whitley has been an advisor for several wagering partnerships for several years. He also personally wagers 4 - 6 days a week on various races.

Offering access to our daily horse handicapping selections on-line and giving the picks out via video was actually a recent suggestion from Whitley Girls, Britney and Brandi. These on-line selections, which our Whitley Girls present each day, are actually the exact same selections that Mr. Whitley is recommending to his partnerships and the same selections on which Mr. Whitley will personally place wagers. In fact, because the website is The Whitley Girls invention, all of the proceeds from the website go to the Whitley Girls.

How Much Does you Horse Handicapping Service Cost?

Our horse handicapping picks are available in several different packages at a variety of price levels. These range from daily horse handicapping selection packages to monthly unlimited packages. The monthly subscriptions offer a substantial cost savings with access to 30 days of our horse handicapping selections. Therefore, these are our most popular packages.

See our horse racing handicapping package options and purchase your package online on our Horse Racing Picks Packages Page.

By What Time can I have Access to Each Day’s Horse Handicapping Selections?

We post each day’s horse handicapping selections by 7:00 AM Central Standard Time. You can login and see each day’s winning selections any time after this.

If I have Questions Concerning the Horse Racing Selections that are being Provided, What Should I Do?

If you have any questions about the horse handicapping selections that we recommend for each day, you are free to contact us. We can be reached by phone or email to answer any questions you may have. Please visit our Contact Us page to get answers any horse race wagering questions you have.

Have other Questions about our Horse Handicapping Service?

If you have any other questions about our horse handicapping services that were not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or through our online contact form. You can also purchase one of our horse racing picks packages online today to see how our horse handicapping service can help you achieve greater success with your horse wagers at the track.

Other Important Horse Handicapping Information

What Makes Us Horse Racing Experts?

  1. We use information that people at the track don't have
  2. Utilize the combined efforts of our expert staff
  3. We collect and analyze rare information not often published from past performances
  4. We provide our clients with a daily comprehensive list of the horses and acceptable odds we will be wagering
  5. We continually monitor all mid-level and large tracks currently running and only wager on horses when we have positive, non-publicized information on a horse