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Exotic Wager Calculator for Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing: Exotic Wager CalculatorAre you new to online horse racing and still learning your way around betting? Are you tired of straight bets and looking to find ways to make wagers backed by smart strategies? Horse Race Handicappers can help you to learn the bare basics of straight and exotic bets in online horse racing and help you to start making informed choices for your bets.

In online horse racing, there are two main types of bets - straight wagers and exotic bets. Straight bets involve a single horse and a single outcome, such as win, place, or show. Exotic bets on the other hand, are more complex and exciting. As they are typically hard to predict, these online horse racing bets correspondingly have a higher payout attached to them.

Our exotic wager calculator is a vital tool in any horse race handicapper’s arsenal. To learn more about successful horse race betting and to gain access to our recommended wagers and bets each day, contact us or purchase one of our horse racing picks packages online.

Types of Exotic Wagers Available for Online Horse Racing

Since exotic wagers are a bit more specific and in-depth than traditional straight bets, they generate greater interest among online horse racing bettors. While straight bets include win, place, or show, exotic wagers can include a number of combinations in terms of horses and their predicted place in the race. 

  • Daily Double: This is a popular online horse racing exotic wager where the bettor picks the winners from two fixed races. In most cases, the two races are sequential but the combination varies. When betting on the Daily Double, it is very important to clarify which two races you are betting on. Needless to say, the difficulty in predicting the winner of both races allows the Daily Double to offer huge payouts.
  • Exacta: This exotic wager includes the prediction of the first two winners of a specific race in the exact order. In comparison to straight wagers, these bets promise attractive payouts.
  • Exacta Box: Also called quinella, this exotic wager is very similar to exacta with the exception that the order of the two horses is not important. As a bettor, it is best that you differentiate between the two and specify what kind of bet you are wagering on.
  • Trifecta: One of the most exciting wagers in online horse racing, trifecta betting includes predicting the first three winners of a race in the right order. Although the feat is very difficult to achieve, the payouts for successful bets can be very impressive!
  • Trifecta Box: Similar to the exacta box, the trifecta box involves predicting the first three finishers of the race, regardless of the order.
  • Superfecta: Probably the king of all online horse racing exotic wagers, the Superfecta bet is a difficult one to predict. Superfecta involves the prediction of the first four finishers of the race in the exact order. In comparison to the exacta and trifecta, the payouts for Superfecta are huge.
  • Pick 3: This is a simpler type of exotic bet where players predict the winners of three sequential races.
  • Pick 4: This is essentially the same as a pick three bet except that players pick four winners in sequential races.
  • Pick 5: In this type of online horse racing bet, players choose five winners of consecutive races, often held on the same day.
  • Pick 6: A high odds bet, this exotic wager in online horse racing involves choosing the six winners of consecutive races.

Make Educated Guesses in Online Horse Racing with Our Professional Assistance

While straight bets like win, place, and show offer greater winning odds, the thrill and interest generated by exotic wagers catches the attention of adventurous bettors. If you want to learn more about placing exotic wagers in online horse racing, let the experts at Horse Race Handicappers guide you and help you to maximize your winnings.

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Online Horse Racing: Exotic Wagers & BetsAt Horse Race Handicappers, we help you make the right choices between straight wagers and exotic bets. If you are new to online horse racing, our experienced and knowledgeable experts can help you strategize and make profitable decisions in any race. With our horse racing picks packages you can get exclusive access to the exact types of wagers we are placing for races around the country. You can also learn more about horse racing and online horse race betting on our website.

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