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Pictures of The Whitley Girls: Horse Gambling Experts

The Whitley Girls (along with Mr. Whitley) are trusted by our many loyal customers to provide exclusive, accurate, and reliable horse gambling information and picks.  Because of this, and the girls’ unmistakable good looks, our Whitley Girls have built up a fan base among clients who just can’t seem to get enough of them.

More About Our Horse Gambling Team

While they like to think of themselves as the equivalent of the NASCAR girls of horse racing, The Whitley Girls are much more than just a pretty face on the sidelines.  With access to unpublished information and our special horse race handicapping methods, Britney, Brandi, and Lauren, along with Mr. Whitley are your horse gambling experts.  From collecting inside information to analyzing detailed records, we gain special insights that allow us to make picks and selections, which can improve your horse gambling results when compared to traditional horse race handicapping methods.

Horse Gambling That is Not Such a Gamble

While we realize that horse gambling will always be a gamble because of unforeseeable circumstances and simply because of the fact that horses are living and breathing animals, we make every attempt to make sure that our picks and recommendations are based on the best possible information.  Therefore, we collect and analyze detailed, non published information that is not available in the past performances.  The types of information that we look at includes:

  • Inside information collected from the backstretches of the race tracks from jockeys, trainers, veterinarians, and handlers
  • Barometric pressure readings
  • Moon phase information
  • Heat cycle analysis for fillies and mares

By analyzing, storing, and comparing this information, we are then able to make more accurate predictions than those that can be obtained using the traditional and outdated handicapping methods.  Additionally, when making our horse gambling recommendations, we follow some important guidelines in order to help increase your potential winnings and to protect you when gambling on horses.  For example, we never include the favorite in our horse gambling wagers.  We also only recommend placing horse gambling bets against the favorite when we have a legitimate reason to expect that the favorite will underperform.

Improve Your Horse Gambling Results with Help from Horse Race Handicappers

If you would like to learn more about how we make our horse gambling selections and recommendations, please feel free to contact us or learn more about our horse race handicapping methods on our website.

The best way to see exactly how our recommendations and picks can help improve your horse gambling results is to try it yourself by purchasing one of our horse racing picks packages.  As always, Ted and The Whitley Girls wish you good luck and success at the track and with all of your horse gambling endeavors!

What Makes Us Horse Racing Experts?

  1. We use information that people at the track don't have
  2. Utilize the combined efforts of our expert staff
  3. We collect and analyze rare information not often published from past performances
  4. We provide our clients with a daily comprehensive list of the horses and acceptable odds we will be wagering
  5. We continually monitor all mid-level and large tracks currently running and only wager on horses when we have positive, non-publicized information on a horse