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Tips for Horse Racing: How Weather Can Affect a Race

Tips for Horse Racing: Horse Racing Selections & PicksTo make accurate predictions and tips on horse racing for any particular race, many factors should be considered. Some of them include the horse's age, the horse's health, its past race performances, its pedigree, the trainer, and the jockey. Handicappers may also study the condition of the race track and the weather leading up to a particular race. The effect of the weather on the race horse can be a very important factor but is rarely given its due.

The primary weather phenomena that most handicappers take into account are the conditions listed at the track (fast, sloppy, or muddy) and the type of track (turf or dirt).

They will look for the horse's past performance during times when the conditions were similar, to give tips on horse racing. There is even a number given to indicate how a horse will perform off or on the track that is based on the horse’s racing records. Most professionals who give tips on horse racing, will regularly depend on basic stats and figures excessively without giving adequate attention to weather and track conditions.

When giving their tips on horse racing, many handicappers will also trust assessments of track employees without questioning or make an analysis themselves. The fact is, that weather affects a race horse in many ways.

To learn more about which types of factors are responsible for influencing a horse's performance, contact our horse racing experts or read the tips for horse racing provided on our website.

Accessing Weather Conditions Properly to Gain Tips on Horse Racing

The condition of the racetrack and the other weather conditions must be assessed properly before one can give any tips for horse racing. This includes devoting considerate time and resources to accessing track surfaces accurately.

Some horses will run better when the track is wet, while others do not. Some horses prefer dry tracks and this is where they are likely to give their best effort. It is important to keep track of how a particular horse performs on dry track or on tracks drenched with rain. This is one of the many factors that handicappers should factor in when giving tips on horse racing.

However, it is also important to understand that this does not mean that just because a horse is performing well on a wet track it will do so on a dry track also. Additionally, in some cases, when the weather is very harsh, some horses will win by pure chance, beating better and faster horses.

How Barometric Pressure Influences Horse Racing

Tips for Horse Racing: Horse Racing Handicapping ExpertsMany people who give tips on horse racing, will agree that rain can have a significant affect on a horse's performance. It does, but not in the way that they think. In fact, it is neither the rain or the snow that is responsible for unexpected race results.

The chief reason is the change in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure, especially when it falls, can influence a horse both physically and emotionally. Some horses may suffer from mild to severe colic when the barometric pressure drops drastically or if a cold front is approaching. Other horses are not as affected and can handle pressure changes well. Still other horses many behave erratically and become entirely differently horses.

Barometric pressure can start falling long before it begins precipitating and the horse may be rendered incapable of putting its best efforts. Many handicappers will not consider this when they give tips on horse racing.

The barometric pressure at racetracks around the country is just one of the many factors that Horse Race Handicappers monitors. We give barometric pressure much importance when handicapping and when giving tips on horse racing. This information cannot be found in past performances.

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